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Guolin Technology Debuts at the 25th IE expo China


On April 18-20, IE expo China 2024 was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a representative enterprise of the domestic ozone industry, Qingdao Guolin Technology Group joint stock company (stock code: 300786) and several subsidiaries jointly appeared at the Expo to fully demonstrate Guolin Technology's core competitiveness and diversified product lineup in the field of ozone technology.

Since it was first held in 2000, IE expo China has become the first choice platform for environmental protection enterprises at home and abroad to enhance brand value, expand domestic and foreign markets, promote technical exchanges, understand industry trends and explore business opportunities. In 2024, IE expo China will celebrate its 25th anniversary. This year's exhibition brought together 2,457 environmental protection enterprises from 27 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition. All 17 exhibition halls of the New International Expo Center were still opened, with an exhibition area of nearly 200,000 square meters.


In order to allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Guolin Technology's core technologies and series of products in the ozone field, the company brought a series of cutting-edge equipment to the exhibition, including large-scale ozone generators, ozone system 10:1 ratio miniaturizers, semiconductor-grade ultra-pure ozone gas generators, PEM electrolytic ozone generator modules, etc., forming a unique innovative technology landscape at the exhibition. At the scene, Guolin Technology engineers successfully attracted a large number of visitors to stop and consult through accurate and detailed technical interpretation. The company has won high praise from people from all walks of life with its excellent technical background, rich industry accumulation, and efficient solutions.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that Guolin's healthy electrolysis water ozone generation technology breaks through the traditional corona ozone generation technology. The raw material of this technology is pure water, 5V low-voltage power supply, prepared by water electrolysis, and the preparation conditions are room temperature, low voltage and high current power to produce ozone. The ozone produced in this way is safe and high purity because its raw material is pure water, no other impurities are introduced in the process, and it is mainly used in demanding application scenarios such as water treatment and ozone physiotherapy in medical and health care.

The "IE expo China 2024 Top 100 Enterprises List" award ceremony was held at the exhibition site. After nearly a month of corporate research and online voting, the award was selected by the IE expo China 2024 organizers and industry experts with multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation. Guolin Technology stood out from many enterprises with strong corporate strength and won the award of "IE expo China 2024 Top 100 Enterprises".

The inclusion in the list of the top 100 enterprises is not only an authoritative affirmation of the industry's technological innovation capabilities of Guolin Technology, but also a deep recognition of the company's continued promotion of ozone technology development and the practice of green industrial ideals. In the future, Guolin Technology will continue to adhere to the brand concept of "scientific and technological innovation, industry serves the country", always adhere to the mission of "developing ozone technology and casting green industry", and continue to deepen its efforts in ozone technology research and development, ozone product design, and new technologies and new materials applications. It is committed to building a stable, advanced and high-quality ozone product system, leading the development of the ozone industry with innovation-driven, and contributing Guolin's wisdom and strength to building a green and sustainable ecological environment.